A Complete Cloud Computing Solution

Imagine the place where everything is set for you and the tech people just need to add the business solutions and the pipeline works smoothly with fault tolerance, HA, DR, proper logging etc.

Pick the relevant architecture for your cloud solutions:

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Data migration

Data migration requires certain strategies to migrate from on-premise to cloud(AWS, GCP, Azure).

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Application migration

Similar to data migration we are also required to design and configure to migrate the application from on-premise to cloud(AWS, GCP, Azure).

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Streaming pipeline

To manage the streaming pipeline on the cloud there are certain platforms/frameworks is provided on all the cloud distributions. Lambda architecture.

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Real-time pipeline

Lambda architecture is a design of processing huge chunks of data (i.e. "Big Data") that provides access to batch-processing and stream-processing methods with a hybrid approach. Orchestration

Let us help you with your existing problems

Scaling Issues

The origin of the cloud is actually to resolve the major problems of scaling with a ready platform. Imagine every time market is up doing we require to buy a new machine and then when the market comes normal we go back to the old machine keeping the new machine idle.

HA and DR missing

This leads to pipeline crashes and critical data loss without any backup.

Incorrect Configuration

One of the common mistakes everyone does is misconfiguring the pipeline which not only slow down the process also consume more resources.

Not Proper Load Balancing

Load balancing is a very common yet very complex algorithm, mostly while designing developers avoid this part which creates slowness.

Cloud Design Issues

Developers generally jump to the development phase without considering the exact requirement end-to-end which in future becomes a very messy pipeline to maintain or manage.

Improper Cloud Support

Sometimes cloud pipelines too required support due to any kind of crash, if it is present this may lead to any critical issues.

Platform we use

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