A Complete Mobile Development Solution

Mobile devices are a one-stop solution the mobile software fulfils the demand and supply mechanism and is quickly becoming popular among people and businesses with a mutual sense of appreciation.

An ideal mobile application model for your customer

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App development

Mobile application development is the strategized process to make software for smartphones and digital assistants, most commonly for Android and iOS. From getting preinstalled on the device, ability to be downloaded from an app store or to be accessed through a mobile web browser.

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App diversification

Different sections of businesses such as retail, telecommunications and e-commerce to insurance, healthcare and government organizations across industries have an inherent need for advanced and convenient ways to perform basic operations from enquiry to transaction processing and perhaps to access information.

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What we offer

We at KeyaMetrics use the enterprise mobility strategy to understand and implement the business idea into an implementation that is in the hands of every user of the business.

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Quality delivery assurance

In terms of quality delivery, we have regular client Demo sessions to ensure that we have mid-sprint reviews and the client sees an actual working example of the work that is being done. This measures the expectations and improvements if needed.

Let us help you with your existing APP problems

Strategy and Planning

One of the major problems with App development is missing or having the right growth strategy and planning.

Understand the Competition

With Mobile App Development the competitors are not only other businesses of the same kind but also other apps or software which would feed off the profits. We need a proper understanding of the market and people and business.

Missing Key elements of a minimum viable product (MVP)

Functionality: offer clear value to the users.
Design: build minimal but highest quality standard design.
Reliability: make the production quality top notch.
Usability: make the user experience intuitive and refined.

High time and space complexity

Improper algorithms which use more space or time to process.

High memory utilisations

Frequent memory issues due to the high utilisation of hardware cause the apps to crash frequently.

Lack of beta testing/ Post Production support

Many services do not provide adequate post-development support, which affects the business on a very notable scale.

Platform we use

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What Our Clients Say

Not only promises our job is to deliver the results. Not enough? Please consider looking at what our client says.
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Affordable and excellent work

I had a great experience with them. I was a bit worried about the output, but it wasn’t a problem at all. Completed before time and in my budget.

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Most reliable team

keya Metrics was flawless. The team helped me fix all the responsive issues. I had a problem with my online presence, but they took care of it right away.

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For individual portfolio

I'm a model by profession and eagerly waiting for an individual portfolio. Just started using their services and it has been helpful. I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues.

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