A Complete SEO Optimization Solution

Having a website without proper SEO and speed optimization is just like an abandoned house. SEO is the most powerful feature for a website that helps your website to rank higher. The higher your website rank is, the more customer you generate.

Everything we offer in our SEO services

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On-Page SEO

The on-page SEO function is to optimize the SEO throughout the website. Your website title, meta tags, meta description, images, internal link building and a lot more for better optimization.

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Off-Page SEO

It is not just the opposite of on-page SEO. It creates more presence in search platforms like google. We complete all the tasks to build better outbound and inbound links to your website.

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Technical SEO

In a technical term, it is where we enhance the performance of your website. It includes proper UI and UX design, mobile-friendly and different universal devices. The structure of the website to get the navigation.

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Local SEO

It is when your business is more active locally. We will make sure your business is better optimized on Google and other major platforms like Google Map, Bing etc. Whenever a customer search for your business, they get the information right away.

Let us help you to improve the SEO of your existing website

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is the biggest enemy of Google and other search platforms. Google algorithm is getting smarter day by day that's why having quality and original content is necessary.

Poor load time

Having a poor loading website gives your user a bad experience. And damage your SEO ranking.

No proper URL

Having a messy URL and no proper definition is going to badly affect your website.

Images are not SEO optimized

No image tags, no proper renames, no proper size, no futuristic file type and a lot more.


Not having an HTTPS request means no protection.

Not listed

The website is not in google index or an XML sitemap.

Platform we use

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What Our Clients Say

Not only promises our job is to deliver the results. Not enough? Please consider looking at what our client says.
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Affordable and excellent work

I had a great experience with them. I was a bit worried about the output, but it wasn’t a problem at all. Completed before time and in my budget.

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Most reliable team

keya Metrics was flawless. The team helped me fix all the responsive issues. I had a problem with my online presence, but they took care of it right away.

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For individual portfolio

I'm a model by profession and eagerly waiting for an individual portfolio. Just started using their services and it has been helpful. I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues.

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