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Software integration forms the basic building block for any system. The Scale of the solution is independent of the type of software that a particular use case can have.

Pick the right software solutions for your customer

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Trading related software

One of the vast areas where software architecture should be using the real-time approach should be easily scalable and fault-tolerant.

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E-commerce related software

One of the common platforms in today's market where the software related to e-commerce should be very resilient, highly scalable.

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Utility related software

This is very useful in any platform, this is more on the business target architecture, which should be easy to plug/unplug.

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Gaming software

Gaming solutions should be having a minimalistic time and space complexity, A multi-threaded lightweight architectural solution.

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Incoherent and unstructured programming

With incoherent and unstructured programming, code maintenance and code-reusability is a major issue.

Highly dependent solutions

No backward compatibility and also difficult to enhance or update.

No fault-tolerant

This is one major issue that breaks the code without having a proper backup strategy which leads to critical issues.

High time and space complexity

Improper algorithms which use more space or time to process.

High memory utilisations

Frequent memory issues due to high utilisation of hardware.

Mid standard code

Not properly tested also, there are no clean code standards.

Platform we use

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Affordable and excellent work

I had a great experience with them. I was a bit worried about the output, but it wasn’t a problem at all. Completed before time and in my budget.

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Most reliable team

keya Metrics was flawless. The team helped me fix all the responsive issues. I had a problem with my online presence, but they took care of it right away.

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For individual portfolio

I'm a model by profession and eagerly waiting for an individual portfolio. Just started using their services and it has been helpful. I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues.

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